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Despite what you mZ28 HWay have heard, we actually live in 4 dimensions. I’m sure you can guess the first three. The 4th is time.

Time has a way of passing sometimes with out even being noticed. Ever find yourself saying things like “it seems like yesterday…” or “I remember when…” and suddenly you realize just how long it’s been since things were this way or that?

I’ve just had this experience. Hurtling rapidly to my next birthday the big 40, I can no longer deny my middle agedness. In coming to grips with this, I thought hmm, well maybe I’ll buy a sports car. Of course, I’ve always been a very practical guy when it comes to cars or just about anything, my stuff has always had a utilitarian feel. Thought maybe I’d want something a bit more flashy, or at least fun, right?

So I begin the process of considering that kind of purchase, what I might like, what can I afford etc. I quickly came to a few conclusions. 1. I can’t afford what I thought I might want originally. 2. what I thought I wanted isn’t what I really ended up wanting.

There is one main reason I’ve never wanted a real sports car, they are friggin dangerous. All that power is fun, but fun isn’t everything in life. Especially if you’re not around to enjoy life due to a horrific crash in your big fancy sports car. As a part of my research I started watching videos of guys “racing” the kind of car I decided on buying, which is a Camaro by the way. I kept doing research on LT1 vs LS1, different power added equipment, superchargers, turbochargers, NO2 kits etc. I’d finally made up my mind on getting an LT1 with a turbo kit, because I’d seen these do quite well, they are quite inexpensive, and the steel head with a cast iron block hold up better to boost than the aluminum ones. Besides if I ever wanted a NO2 kit, I wouldn’t want to strap that on an LS1 and melt it the first time I flipped the switch.

So after I watched a few dudes wreck their beautiful cars acting like idiots with all that power under the hood. I watch some street draggers with NO2 hit the button to early with their trans-brake on and melt their 500 CI aluminum race engine all over the street. Then I began to think more practically again. I realized what I truly wanted wasn’t something super powerful and fast, but something more nostalgic with just a bit of flash. Then I realized I’d be hard pressed to find the exact one, which is a custom painted 1983 Camaro Berlinetta. I know, it’s under powered. I know it’s an automatic. I know it’s not the fastest, most powerful car I could buy for the money. I know it will be a fun car to own. It will also be a fun car to build, because none of the heaps of junk on facebook are worthy of being my dream car as they are.

So this is it. A guy on my block had a really nice dark blue Berlinetta, and I’ve always liked the red white and blue paint jobs on racecars. I had a hotwheels camaro similar to this Revel model when I was a boy.



When do you fulfill your dreams?

How about right now?


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