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When I wasO a young boy, I always asked why. I’m told that not all young boys do this. My oldest son used to want to know where or what. My middle son wants to know what things are, but he’s still quite young. My youngest can’t talk yet, but I have a feeling he may be a why kind of guy like me.

So why is why so important? Well I’ve been asking this question so long, that it pushes my analysis toward drivers. When following money, or paper trails, you start at one end and work toward the other. Often times in forensics, you’re working from the cost center to the driver, or vice versa. This question always pops up for me when I find things that stick out, or don’t add up. I always must know why.

This leads me to my current market analysis. When I first studied Obamacare, I kept asking the question, why? Why would the government want to shift so much power to insurance companies? The immediate answer was corruption, but is it the final answer?

I began to suspect that this was a set up. If I’m right, the fruition of Obamacare will come to a horrid conclusion for Americans. For this is the only way to get the voting block to agree to a single payer system. Hand so much power over to insurance companies, to the point that they are literally making money to let people die and the people will beg for the very thing they never wanted in the first place. Shifting 100% of that power right back into the hands of the government.

Why? I’m glad you asked…


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