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Social Cleansing


If you study any culture that has implemented socialism at some point in the past, that progression has taken the place of historical culture. I call this socialist cultural cleansing. It’s less evident here in the US, because we are so culturally diverse. One might say our transition into socialism wasn’t nearly has hard as some.

Mao Red BookChina for instance, under Chairman Mao suffered the great leap forward. Many when they discuss this focus on the millions that died from the failures of a command economy system that cannot predict or adapt to changes from policy implementation. The sad truth is that Mao’s great leap forward was a disaster in nearly every respect.

The China of today is a bustling nation of more than 50 major cities full of millions of people. All who like American’s are struggling to understand their own culture due to the oppression and replacement of tradition with progression.

Can you imagine Imperial China on Earth today? I don’t know how anyone can claim that the replacement of such rich culture with modern blandness is somehow better. It is very sad that socialism cost millions of lives, but it’s tragic that so many people, nations and kingdoms have lost their culture.

Declaration of Independence

A people can seek an end to Serfdom with out throwing away all of their culture. Socialism seeks to repress and replace culture. When the first American’s came to the US, they didn’t abandon their culture, they abandoned a society of oppression. They sought freedom to practice their culture and their religion. Freedom to have their own children.

In the days of our founding father’s we fought hard against the oppression of the crown of England. Our revolutionary war was a bloody battle of out numbered American troops, who resorted to “jungle warfare” to beat the English who fought a modern line type of warfare.

When we finally succeeded we established American culture. Our new found freedom wasn’t free for everyone. It certainly wasn’t free to come here. Most Americans got here through slavery or indentured servitude. The modern historians continue to publish books about black slavery only. However, there were more Irish slaves than any other race brought to the United States. Some might say that because the Irish were white, they were treated differently than blacks. To some extent, legally this might be true, but in reality, the Irish were treated horribly in this country. They were looked at with a very similar prejudice as blacks were at the time. In fact a group of slave traders decided to breed blacks and Irish people together in an attempt to make “better slaves.”

No matter the color, slavery was wrong and was eventually abolished in this country. Prior to it being abolished here however, during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, America struck a blow to international slavery that seems to be unknown to many in our modern age. Seemingly lost is the truth of things. The truth of slavery, and America’s role in it’s abolition. In May of 1801, newly elected Thomas Jefferson was tasked with the war declared on America by the Barbary Corsairs. In a series of wars America defeated the Barbary Corsairs.

What many of these historical documents fail to point out was the impact on slave trade. African slaves were already very expensive. When the treaty was violated by the Corsairs a third time, America was forced to remove the Barbary Corsairs from power. The Corsairs were a major part of the slave trade. When the US removed them from power, slave trade world wide was greatly decreased.

The industrial revolution began to steam the US into a modern age. Ingenuity and growth abound for just 11 years, from 1878 to 1889. Now called the gilded age, what would have been the golden age of America was stymied by the implementation of socialism as a response to the Robber Barons that created monopolistic systems. Thus began the descent of our nation, from boom, to bust. From greed, to strangling regulation. From wealth, to shared hardship.

Luckily some parts of most cultures have survived the cleansing. Parts of ours has, which can be visited by the public on display under glass in museums. The context, power and the essence of our not so distant past are all but lost in modern society. This is evident by the glorification of criminals, and the vilification of the law abiding citizens. Socialism strips the norms, then the corrupt call up down, right wrong. Yet historians look at great cultures and wonder how they all failed and died out. He who doesn’t know his history is doomed to repeat it.




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