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Tax Exempt

In the last week I’ve Crossread a number of articles about a campaign to remove religious tax exemption. This push is coming from the LGBTQ political organizations. So I guess it’s time to chime in.

Churches have tax exempt status for two reasons.

  1. They provide charitable services to poverty stricken and the needy.
  2. The tax exempt status requires them to not have political influence keeping politics and religion separate (separation of church and state)

The removal of religious tax exemption would be both a blessing and a curse. It would immediately curse the poverty stricken, and the needy. Those who suffer, will suffer with out aid as a chunk of the church’s coffers go to the government. This will further be a curse in that the federal government will have more money to spend. Thus the federal government will be able to grow. This is also bad for freedom and democracy.

The blessings come from the removal of the incentive to have no political influence. The churches, which see about 50% of the country would quickly mobilize the voting blocks, lobby the government for change, and in short order, realign our nation back to it’s Christian majority roots.

The curse would also be that this is a can of worms for the LGBTQ, as they comprise a very small minority in our nation and largely don’t have protected rights status. The church’s lobbyists would swiftly move to blockade any efforts the LGBTQ is attempting to make.

So by all means, remove tax exempt status if you wish. If you have no compassion for the hundreds of millions who receive charitable services from churches. If you don’t care about shifting even more power to an over bearing federal government. If you wish to put Church’s influence back into politics. If you wish to squash the LGBTQ, and many other movements like it. Please remove tax exempt status for churches.


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