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Fight for $15

McDonalds Website capture

Image Credit: McDonald’s Corporation company website capture.

In all of the economic battles that we wage, this one is the most destructive to the middle class citizens.

Recently a post is circling facebook about McDonald’s response to the fight for 15 movement. The post shows images of the original pilot program where they debuted the Self-service check out stations. I guess this is where I say “I’m lovin’ it.” This is a very smart decision on the part of McDonald’s in most respects. Technology will displace some jobs, and create other opportunities. The lowest paying, menial jobs that can be, should be automated. Cries of impropriety are loud and widespread in the ranks of uneducated workers who rely on several minimum wage jobs, or social services to survive. The only solution to the problems these citizens face is to seek education. As one door closes another one opens, but you have to go find it, and be ready for what’s on the other side.

The McDonalds case study aside, there are some bigger players in this game. I recently wrote an editorial about who is behind the fight for 15 movement. We know that many are union workers who are attending the protests and rallies.

The part that seems to be completely off the radar of anyone talking about this current phenomenon, is the global implications. Chinese/US wages have hit an equilibrium. Jobs are beginning to come back to the US to right to work states with lower taxation. This fight for 15 will quite literally squash any chance the US has to recover from the economic plight Chinese labor has been on the American economy.

Pay attention my fellow citizens, this one will cripple us for another decade or more. Quell the storm from the unions and the uneducated McDonalds workers, and we will quite literally be eating China’s lunch.




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