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Crime and Guns

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As the Democrats and the Media attempt to paint a dark and dangerous picture of gun ownership in the US, researchers find the opposite to be true. The Crime Prevention Research Center studied the data available for concealed carry permits, gun sales and violent crime rates.

So first of all gun sales have sky rocketed under the current administration, but this all started due to the reaction of the 1994 crime bill. The numbers of gun purchases increased then, and again in 2007 when the current administration began it’s war on guns. The harder this administration pushed to disarm US citizens, the more guns US citizens bought.

This data correlates the same way to concealed carry permits. The harder the government and the media pushes to disarm citizens, the more people are prompted to obtain concealed carry permits.

One of the things the media uses in their argument for disarmament is what they call “gun crime” and it’s often used statistically against other nations who aren’t legally allowed to own guns as private citizens. So they don’t compare crime to crime. They compare a place with tons of guns, to places with little or no guns and then cry foul. So to say that the research and analysis the media uses is flawed is an understatement.

So as the media cries foul, the Obama administration attempts to disarm people over these same flawed statistics, luckily there are some people out there looking at relevant data and asking the right questions.

As gun ownership and concealed permits soar, violent crime decreases. Those are the facts, and it’s not isolated to one state, or one area. Sales of guns increased across the Nation, permit sales increased across the nation. Crime decreased across the nation.

Concealed gun permit holders are very unlikely to commit crime, with a crime rate of 0.022%. Revocation for weapons violations were 0.00007%. Here’s where it gets interesting. Criminal offenses committed by police were 0.124%. This means you are at least 6 times more likely to have a crime committed against you by a cop than by a private citizen who has a concealed carry permit.



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