Crime and Guns

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As the Democrats and the Media attempt to paint a dark and dangerous picture of gun ownership in the US, researchers find the opposite to be true. The Crime Prevention Research Center studied the data available for concealed carry permits, gun sales and violent crime rates.

So first of all gun sales have sky rocketed under the current administration, but this all started due to the reaction of the 1994 crime bill. The numbers of gun purchases increased then, and again in 2007 when the current administration began it’s war on guns. The harder this administration pushed to disarm US citizens, the more guns US citizens bought.

This data correlates the same way to concealed carry permits. The harder the government and the media pushes to disarm citizens, the more people are prompted to obtain concealed carry permits.

One of the things the media uses in their argument for disarmament is what they call “gun crime” and it’s often used statistically against other nations who aren’t legally allowed to own guns as private citizens. So they don’t compare crime to crime. They compare a place with tons of guns, to places with little or no guns and then cry foul. So to say that the research and analysis the media uses is flawed is an understatement.

So as the media cries foul, the Obama administration attempts to disarm people over these same flawed statistics, luckily there are some people out there looking at relevant data and asking the right questions.

As gun ownership and concealed permits soar, violent crime decreases. Those are the facts, and it’s not isolated to one state, or one area. Sales of guns increased across the Nation, permit sales increased across the nation. Crime decreased across the nation.

Concealed gun permit holders are very unlikely to commit crime, with a crime rate of 0.022%. Revocation for weapons violations were 0.00007%. Here’s where it gets interesting. Criminal offenses committed by police were 0.124%. This means you are at least 6 times more likely to have a crime committed against you by a cop than by a private citizen who has a concealed carry permit.



Fight for $15

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In all of the economic battles that we wage, this one is the most destructive to the middle class citizens.

Recently a post is circling facebook about McDonald’s response to the fight for 15 movement. The post shows images of the original pilot program where they debuted the Self-service check out stations. I guess this is where I say “I’m lovin’ it.” This is a very smart decision on the part of McDonald’s in most respects. Technology will displace some jobs, and create other opportunities. The lowest paying, menial jobs that can be, should be automated. Cries of impropriety are loud and widespread in the ranks of uneducated workers who rely on several minimum wage jobs, or social services to survive. The only solution to the problems these citizens face is to seek education. As one door closes another one opens, but you have to go find it, and be ready for what’s on the other side.

The McDonalds case study aside, there are some bigger players in this game. I recently wrote an editorial about who is behind the fight for 15 movement. We know that many are union workers who are attending the protests and rallies.

The part that seems to be completely off the radar of anyone talking about this current phenomenon, is the global implications. Chinese/US wages have hit an equilibrium. Jobs are beginning to come back to the US to right to work states with lower taxation. This fight for 15 will quite literally squash any chance the US has to recover from the economic plight Chinese labor has been on the American economy.

Pay attention my fellow citizens, this one will cripple us for another decade or more. Quell the storm from the unions and the uneducated McDonalds workers, and we will quite literally be eating China’s lunch.



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     My father, at least the man who raised me was Army Special Forces. He was part of a 5 man team that jumped on the other side of a hot zone and set up a temporary base camp for troops to resupply and take shelter after a battle through an enemy line. This put my father in the zone where the gas was being deployed.

     He told me only a few stories of his time there. Only recently has he been able to really talk about it after years of therapy. He told me of the time he almost died. The Vietnamese Communists had come in guns blazing and they all took shelter in the main bunker built to house the radio and act as the temporary command post. The Vietnamese soldiers surrounded them and kept blasting fire at the door attempting to breach it. My dad knew it was only a matter of time before they did breach the door. They called on the radio for a strike, but they knew it would not come in time. They had taken defensive positions with a point man in the corner near the door. Three set up strategically around the room and my dad with the radio in the back of the room. The door breached and instantly SKS fire took out the point man. Return fire took out the first man through the door. The second dropped as well, but he took one with him. A third and fourth man fired from the door and took out another of my dad’s team. As they entered they were shot by the fourth US team member. The last man to enter killed the fourth team member and then came toward the sounds of the radio. My dad had been hunkered in the back with the destruction device they were given to destroy the radio. It was a small pipe with a spring and a pin and a shotgun shell. The idea being that if they were going to be captured or killed, the last thing they would do is destroy the radio so the jamming technology couldn’t be reverse engineered and used in the conflict.


     My dad’s clip was emptied from the previous round. He said “it felt like an eternity to reload my weapon, as I saw him coming across the room for me.” As the man approached, he said “I didn’t think I was going to get my weapon up in time.” Then suddenly the Vietnamese soldier fired at my dad, and his gun was empty. My dad fired killing the last of the small insurgent team sent after them. My dad’s entire team was wiped out in that short battle. He says “I have the same dream, every night. The soldier is coming across the room and I can’t get my gun up fast enough. I’m stuck in that moment for what seems like an eternity, panicked trying to raise my gun in slow motion.


     The man who raised me is a war hero. He undoubtedly saved the lives of countless US service personnel by his efforts in Army Special Forces. He almost wasn’t here to tell the story. The difference in that fire fight was last shot hold open on the M16, when the SKS did not have a last shot hold open. The Vietnamese soldier didn’t realize his gun was empty.


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     This brings up a valuable lesson of the economics of war. Often we’ve seen the US and it’s allies win wars due to superior weaponry. The M16 is a prime example of that, as something so simple like a notch on top of the magazine’s follower catches the bolt and alerts the soldier of the weapon being empty. This small notch saved my dad’s life that day. With only fractions of a second being the difference between life and death. This small chunk of plastic made the difference.The important take-away here is that the effort and energy we put out to make the small differences in our products and services are what make the difference when it really counts.

 M16 Magazine

Tax Exempt

In the last week I’ve Crossread a number of articles about a campaign to remove religious tax exemption. This push is coming from the LGBTQ political organizations. So I guess it’s time to chime in.

Churches have tax exempt status for two reasons.

  1. They provide charitable services to poverty stricken and the needy.
  2. The tax exempt status requires them to not have political influence keeping politics and religion separate (separation of church and state)

The removal of religious tax exemption would be both a blessing and a curse. It would immediately curse the poverty stricken, and the needy. Those who suffer, will suffer with out aid as a chunk of the church’s coffers go to the government. This will further be a curse in that the federal government will have more money to spend. Thus the federal government will be able to grow. This is also bad for freedom and democracy.

The blessings come from the removal of the incentive to have no political influence. The churches, which see about 50% of the country would quickly mobilize the voting blocks, lobby the government for change, and in short order, realign our nation back to it’s Christian majority roots.

The curse would also be that this is a can of worms for the LGBTQ, as they comprise a very small minority in our nation and largely don’t have protected rights status. The church’s lobbyists would swiftly move to blockade any efforts the LGBTQ is attempting to make.

So by all means, remove tax exempt status if you wish. If you have no compassion for the hundreds of millions who receive charitable services from churches. If you don’t care about shifting even more power to an over bearing federal government. If you wish to put Church’s influence back into politics. If you wish to squash the LGBTQ, and many other movements like it. Please remove tax exempt status for churches.

Wage War

Tipping scaleRight now as I type, there is a movement to push wages to $15/hr. This is economically dangerous and if successful will only cause more joblessness and inflation. Raising the minimum wage only closes the gap between bottom wages and middle class wages. That gap is what middle class workers have worked their butts off to earn. As that gap is whittled away, those entering the marketplace continue to think they are getting better as wages increase, until the prices of everything go up. It’s an endless cycle of inflation. Price for labor and price for goods are connected. Labor price can’t increase with out affecting the price of goods and services to the consumer.

So I always come back to that question of why? Why would unions support wage increases for minimum wage workers? Well, below is an excerpt from the US Department of Labor.

How are prevailing wage rates established?

The minimum monetary wages and fringe benefits to be paid are established based on what is prevailing in the locality. A rate is determined to prevail where a single rate is paid to a majority (50 percent or more) of the workers in the same class in a particular locality. If a single rate is not paid to the majority of workers in a locality, statistical measurements such as the median (a point in a distribution where 50 percent of the surveyed workers receive that or a higher rate and 50 percent receive a lesser rate) or the mean (average) are used to establish prevailing wage rates.

So, unions are using median wage to negotiate contracts. The only thing they can do to increase median wage is increase minimum wages. Unions know that minimum wage worker ends up in the same place regardless. However, the union workers get a bump in their contract which is substantially higher than minimum. The union doesn’t care about low wage earners.

The union is merely tipping the scales in their favor. Meanwhile all non-union labor gets screwed out of jobs and wages. Joblessness increases for both union and non-union workers. The ability to enter the marketplace is the ultimate freedom that America is built upon. The ability to enter the marketplace, in fact the very fabric that is the American dream is torn to shreds.


Social Cleansing


If you study any culture that has implemented socialism at some point in the past, that progression has taken the place of historical culture. I call this socialist cultural cleansing. It’s less evident here in the US, because we are so culturally diverse. One might say our transition into socialism wasn’t nearly has hard as some.

Mao Red BookChina for instance, under Chairman Mao suffered the great leap forward. Many when they discuss this focus on the millions that died from the failures of a command economy system that cannot predict or adapt to changes from policy implementation. The sad truth is that Mao’s great leap forward was a disaster in nearly every respect.

The China of today is a bustling nation of more than 50 major cities full of millions of people. All who like American’s are struggling to understand their own culture due to the oppression and replacement of tradition with progression.

Can you imagine Imperial China on Earth today? I don’t know how anyone can claim that the replacement of such rich culture with modern blandness is somehow better. It is very sad that socialism cost millions of lives, but it’s tragic that so many people, nations and kingdoms have lost their culture.

Declaration of Independence

A people can seek an end to Serfdom with out throwing away all of their culture. Socialism seeks to repress and replace culture. When the first American’s came to the US, they didn’t abandon their culture, they abandoned a society of oppression. They sought freedom to practice their culture and their religion. Freedom to have their own children.

In the days of our founding father’s we fought hard against the oppression of the crown of England. Our revolutionary war was a bloody battle of out numbered American troops, who resorted to “jungle warfare” to beat the English who fought a modern line type of warfare.

When we finally succeeded we established American culture. Our new found freedom wasn’t free for everyone. It certainly wasn’t free to come here. Most Americans got here through slavery or indentured servitude. The modern historians continue to publish books about black slavery only. However, there were more Irish slaves than any other race brought to the United States. Some might say that because the Irish were white, they were treated differently than blacks. To some extent, legally this might be true, but in reality, the Irish were treated horribly in this country. They were looked at with a very similar prejudice as blacks were at the time. In fact a group of slave traders decided to breed blacks and Irish people together in an attempt to make “better slaves.”

No matter the color, slavery was wrong and was eventually abolished in this country. Prior to it being abolished here however, during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, America struck a blow to international slavery that seems to be unknown to many in our modern age. Seemingly lost is the truth of things. The truth of slavery, and America’s role in it’s abolition. In May of 1801, newly elected Thomas Jefferson was tasked with the war declared on America by the Barbary Corsairs. In a series of wars America defeated the Barbary Corsairs.

What many of these historical documents fail to point out was the impact on slave trade. African slaves were already very expensive. When the treaty was violated by the Corsairs a third time, America was forced to remove the Barbary Corsairs from power. The Corsairs were a major part of the slave trade. When the US removed them from power, slave trade world wide was greatly decreased.

The industrial revolution began to steam the US into a modern age. Ingenuity and growth abound for just 11 years, from 1878 to 1889. Now called the gilded age, what would have been the golden age of America was stymied by the implementation of socialism as a response to the Robber Barons that created monopolistic systems. Thus began the descent of our nation, from boom, to bust. From greed, to strangling regulation. From wealth, to shared hardship.

Luckily some parts of most cultures have survived the cleansing. Parts of ours has, which can be visited by the public on display under glass in museums. The context, power and the essence of our not so distant past are all but lost in modern society. This is evident by the glorification of criminals, and the vilification of the law abiding citizens. Socialism strips the norms, then the corrupt call up down, right wrong. Yet historians look at great cultures and wonder how they all failed and died out. He who doesn’t know his history is doomed to repeat it.




Despite what you mZ28 HWay have heard, we actually live in 4 dimensions. I’m sure you can guess the first three. The 4th is time.

Time has a way of passing sometimes with out even being noticed. Ever find yourself saying things like “it seems like yesterday…” or “I remember when…” and suddenly you realize just how long it’s been since things were this way or that?

I’ve just had this experience. Hurtling rapidly to my next birthday the big 40, I can no longer deny my middle agedness. In coming to grips with this, I thought hmm, well maybe I’ll buy a sports car. Of course, I’ve always been a very practical guy when it comes to cars or just about anything, my stuff has always had a utilitarian feel. Thought maybe I’d want something a bit more flashy, or at least fun, right?

So I begin the process of considering that kind of purchase, what I might like, what can I afford etc. I quickly came to a few conclusions. 1. I can’t afford what I thought I might want originally. 2. what I thought I wanted isn’t what I really ended up wanting.

There is one main reason I’ve never wanted a real sports car, they are friggin dangerous. All that power is fun, but fun isn’t everything in life. Especially if you’re not around to enjoy life due to a horrific crash in your big fancy sports car. As a part of my research I started watching videos of guys “racing” the kind of car I decided on buying, which is a Camaro by the way. I kept doing research on LT1 vs LS1, different power added equipment, superchargers, turbochargers, NO2 kits etc. I’d finally made up my mind on getting an LT1 with a turbo kit, because I’d seen these do quite well, they are quite inexpensive, and the steel head with a cast iron block hold up better to boost than the aluminum ones. Besides if I ever wanted a NO2 kit, I wouldn’t want to strap that on an LS1 and melt it the first time I flipped the switch.

So after I watched a few dudes wreck their beautiful cars acting like idiots with all that power under the hood. I watch some street draggers with NO2 hit the button to early with their trans-brake on and melt their 500 CI aluminum race engine all over the street. Then I began to think more practically again. I realized what I truly wanted wasn’t something super powerful and fast, but something more nostalgic with just a bit of flash. Then I realized I’d be hard pressed to find the exact one, which is a custom painted 1983 Camaro Berlinetta. I know, it’s under powered. I know it’s an automatic. I know it’s not the fastest, most powerful car I could buy for the money. I know it will be a fun car to own. It will also be a fun car to build, because none of the heaps of junk on facebook are worthy of being my dream car as they are.

So this is it. A guy on my block had a really nice dark blue Berlinetta, and I’ve always liked the red white and blue paint jobs on racecars. I had a hotwheels camaro similar to this Revel model when I was a boy.



When do you fulfill your dreams?

How about right now?


When I wasO a young boy, I always asked why. I’m told that not all young boys do this. My oldest son used to want to know where or what. My middle son wants to know what things are, but he’s still quite young. My youngest can’t talk yet, but I have a feeling he may be a why kind of guy like me.

So why is why so important? Well I’ve been asking this question so long, that it pushes my analysis toward drivers. When following money, or paper trails, you start at one end and work toward the other. Often times in forensics, you’re working from the cost center to the driver, or vice versa. This question always pops up for me when I find things that stick out, or don’t add up. I always must know why.

This leads me to my current market analysis. When I first studied Obamacare, I kept asking the question, why? Why would the government want to shift so much power to insurance companies? The immediate answer was corruption, but is it the final answer?

I began to suspect that this was a set up. If I’m right, the fruition of Obamacare will come to a horrid conclusion for Americans. For this is the only way to get the voting block to agree to a single payer system. Hand so much power over to insurance companies, to the point that they are literally making money to let people die and the people will beg for the very thing they never wanted in the first place. Shifting 100% of that power right back into the hands of the government.

Why? I’m glad you asked…